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Excellence Comes As Standard

Using the latest technology to assure operational success.

Using advanced construction technology solutions, we create a detailed 3D virtual environment based on real-world data, that enables us to plan your project in greater detail and far more accurately than our competitors. It allows us to test different configurations, loads and methodologies to ensure that the project will complete successfully.

State-of-the-art Autocad 3D Software

Our AutoCAD / 3D crane management software allows us to step into a virtual world and simulate each stage of your lift by driving the crane through the entire process to plan and preview the whole operation with millimetre precision.

Vehicle Swept Path Analysis

We use swept path analysis to plan and study how vehicles will move through through different scenarios, such as turns, curves, or tight spaces. Our vehicle swept path analysis software integrates with the AutoCAD Civil 3D software to animate an accurate 3D model of any vehicle passing through the landscape.

Traffic Management Plans

Our in-house traffic management software integrates with the full 3D planning suite of AutoCAD, 3D crane management and vehicle swept path technologies to provide a complete platform for our start to finish planning of each lifting operation.

AutoCAD / 3D Crane Management

Advancing the way we lift

At Radius Group, we prioritise seamless collaboration and efficiency in our services. We always keep our AutoCAD systems updated to the latest release to ensure compatibility with any version you use. This allows us to start working with your drawings right away.

Once we receive a drawing from you, we quickly overlay it with other necessary data to create an accurate 3D virtual model of your entire site. Our advanced AutoCAD services enhance project planning and design, supporting even complex projects with precision and adaptability, helping you achieve your project goals efficiently.

Technology Software We Use

  • Vehicle Swept Path Analysis
  • Survey Equipment – Total Station (EDM)
  • Traffic Management Software
  • 3D Modelling
  • CraneBee (3D Crane Models)
  • TOM (3D Tower Crane Software)

Thank you to the Radius equipment delivery team, who while undertaking the delivery of the 5 tonne transformers and HV switchgear at Whitechapel, demonstrated a number of the crossrail values. Firstly, was safety, the team successfully carried out each lift and manoeuvre with the proper planning. Nothing was left to chance.

Wilson McLaughlinDirector | MIET – Crossrail

We’re here to make a difference

Radius Group are a dedicated team of experienced site specialists backed by an industry-leading technical department. We offer a comprehensive ‘turnkey’ service, from initial consultation to project completion.

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