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The Skyline Cockpit


Radius, always ahead of the game

Radius Group is the first lifting provider in the UK to operate a tower crane using a teleoperated ground control system called the Skyline Cockpit. Staying one step ahead of the competition, and offering cutting-edge solutions to complex lifts, is something Radius Group excels at. Now with the introduction of the Skyline Cockpit, we are taking the crane and construction industry to a whole new level!

Better Health & Wellbeing

Improving the physical working conditions for crane operators will improve efficiency and safety, especially in countries with extreme weather conditions.

Improved Safety

Constantly sending data and alerts through the internet/cellular platforms.

Improved Efficiency

Using cameras optimises crane efficiency by 25%, and it has been proven that project programme time is on average reduced by 8% resulting in massive savings!

The smart way to operate

The Skyline Cockpit transforms the traditional operator’s cabin into a “smart” computerized cockpit, allowing for the first time to remotely control and manage the operation of the cranes with innovative technology and advanced camera systems.

From the comfort and safety of an on-site spacious ground cabin and a peripheral wide-screen which replicates the panoramic operators cabin view, the crane operator can operate the tower crane using a system based on advanced technological developments, artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR). Using the system’s input, the operator can precisely identify where the crane’s hook will land, as well as receive indications regarding crane height, load weight, wind speed and direction, work speed and more. In addition, Skyline Cockpit can detect any tower crane discrepancies and immediately address them through preventive maintenance.

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What are the advantages of Skyline Cockpit?

  • Improved operator wellbeing
  • Eliminating the operator’s need to climb
  • Enhanced working/sitting position
  • Accessible to operators with physical disabilities
  • Attracting a younger generation of operators
  • Preventing and minimizing risks
  • Shortening construction/production times/schedules
  • Increasing operator’s safety and safety on site
  • Saving 1 hour a day operation time
  • Enabling operators to complete tasks faster
  • Improving visibility of the site
  • Improved communication with the team

Book A Skyline Cockpit Demo Now

Radius group are the first uk lifting supplier to use a skyline cockpit. If you want to book a Demo Day at Radius HQ in Northampton please call +44 (0)1604 622865

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Radius Group has never been afraid to do things differently and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of lifting technology. I am extremely proud and excited to be leading the way in tower crane innovation, by being the first tower crane supplier to offer the Skyline Cockpit on live sites. I am confident that the Demo Days we are rolling out during July, will give our customers the same excitement that I have had since taking delivery of this ground-breaking tower crane teleoperation & control system. It is always daunting being the first to do something new, but somebody must take the lead and I feel the time is right for Radius Group to lead the way.

Radius GroupManaging Director | Michael Fryer