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Tower Crane Hire


The leading perspective on lifting operations

We are the premium tower crane supplier in the UK.  We have national coverage for the hire of Potain tower cranes and provide highly skilled, professional liftings crews.  We have a dedicated team of experienced specialists and an industry-leading technical department. We offer a comprehensive service, from initial consultation to project completion.

A partnership that’s stronger together

We are partnered with Potain (Manitowoc Group), a Global manufacturer, boasting a fleet of cranes known around the world for their lifting power, reliability and innovative designs.

The right tools for the right job is paramount

We use the latest technology to plan your tower crane project. This helps us to ensure, that both the erection and dismantle processes are carried out safely, on budget and on time.

Cranes for all commercial options

We offer Tower Cranes, on different commercial options, providing skilled service, technical support before and after the project starting and a wide variety of spare parts to all our customers...

Why Partner With Radius?

Radius offers the complete package, Appointed Person, Contracts Manager, Lifting Supervisors, Slingers, Site Subbies, Traffic Banksmen; we are centric to the success of your project and link all elements together, supporting you from start to finish, leading to increased safety and productivity.

100% Transparency on Every Job 

Don’t get caught out by bad service and tower crane down-time, ‘Increasing site efficiency and productivity’ is music to the ears of any Commercial Director. With an exemplary track record in tower crane ‘Up-Time’ we can assure you that by hiring our high-quality cranes and diligent crew, we will increase and maximise your daily, weekly, monthly utilisation/production time. We can offer SLA’s for projects. We look at “Up-Time” and have a MSL (Minimum Service Level) of a percentage of working/up-time of the crane. If for instance it was 98%, we would have a TSL (Target Service Level) of 99%. Subsequently, if we fall below the 98% up-time, we will issue you a “Service Credit” of an agreed amount.

Not Just Another Crane Hire Supplier

We offer the complete tower crane scheme package, supplying the tower crane Operators, and all associated lifting labour; Appointed Persons, Lifting Supervisors, Slinger/Signallers and Traffic Banksmen.

Devoted To Excellence

We want to partner with you and promote early engagement at tender stage, with the full support of our planning and engineering dept.  This allows us to fully understand your requirements.  Having this information from the onset enables us to provide you with a tower crane scheme that optimises safety, productivity, and commercials, giving you the edge over your competition.

An Unrivalled Fleet

Partnered with NFT, the leading tower crane supplier in the industry, we provide a complete tower crane solution. We can supply a range of modern trolley jib cranes from 178tm to 3200tm and a range of luffing jib cranes from 160tm to 650tm.

Radius is the first lifting supplier in the UK to use a Skyline Cockpit

Staying one step ahead of the competition, and offering cutting-edge solutions to complex lifts, is something Radius Group excels at. Now with the introduction of the Skyline Cockpit, we are taking the crane and construction industry to a whole new level.

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Crane Specifications

MDT 219 J1010te25m → 65mDownload Spec
MDT 269 J1212te
25m → 65mDownload Spec
MDT 319 L1212te
25m → 70mDownload Spec
MDT 389 L1616te30m → 75mDownload Spec
MDT 489 M25 25te30m → 80mDownload Spec
MDT 569 M2525te30m → 80mDownload Spec
MDT 569 M2525te30m → 80mDownload Spec
MDT 809 M4040te30m → 80mDownload Spec
MDT 809 M4040te30m → 80mDownload Spec
MRH 1258te30m → 50mDownload Spec
MR 160 C10te30m → 50mDownload Spec
MRH 17510te30m → 55mDownload Spec
MR 225 A14te30m → 55mDownload Spec
MR22914te30m → 55mDownload Spec
MR 29516te30m → 60mDownload Spec
MR 29520te30m → 60mDownload Spec
MR 41824te30m → 60mDownload Spec
MR418A24te30m → 60mDownload Spec
MR309 M2525te30m → 60mDownload Spec
MR 60832te30m → 65mDownload Spec
MD 509 M2020te35m → 80mDownload Spec
MD 569 M2525te35m → 80mDownload Spec
MD 689 M4025te35m → 80mDownload Spec
MD 110050te40m → 80mDownload Spec
MD 220064te40m → 80mDownload Spec
MD 3200 80te50m → 85mDownload Spec
Potain Tower Crane Range 2021Download Spec
MDT CCS Range BrochureDownload Spec
MDT CCS City Range BrochureDownload Spec
Potain Cab-INDownload Spec
Potain TCL Cab HoistDownload Spec
Lift SolutionsDownload Spec

Thank you to the Radius equipment delivery team, who while undertaking the delivery of the 5 tonne transformers and HV switchgear at Whitechapel, demonstrated a number of the crossrail values. Firstly, was safety, the team successfully carried out each lift and manoeuvre with the proper planning. Nothing was left to chance.

Wilson McLaughlinDirector | MIET – Crossrail