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Logistics & Transport


Radius, always moving forward

We will plan and execute the efficient transportation and storage of your goods from the source to site, guaranteeing we meet your requirements in a timely, cost-effective manner.

The right choice

We provide a wide range of owned, highly spec specialist vehicles, equipped to meet your needs and delivery deadlines.

Safe & secure, every time

When moving delicate, high-value, mission-critical or data sensitive assets for our clients we understand that consignment protection and security is paramount.
We will guarantee that your goods will arrive at their destination securely and in perfect condition.

24 Hour tracking

All Radius vehicles are tracked 24 hours a day, giving you peace of mind that your goods are in safe hands and around-the-clock visibility.

The Radius fleet

We understand that every customer’s equipment is unique, and we offer value-added services to include delivery of goods to site, with our extensive purpose-built fleet, including; vans, lorry loaders, box vans, drop side flatbeds, panel vans and HGV vehicles. Our fleet is of the highest standard, regularly by the vehicle manufacturers, and meets all FORS silver requirements. All vehicles are tracked 24 hours a day, leaving you the customer safe in the knowledge that your goods are in good hands.

Our drivers undergo continuous training, guaranteeing a high level of competency & allowing us to stay up to date with health and safety requirements.

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Just-in-time delivery

We have an on-site warehouse, therefore by combining warehousing and distribution, you will benefit from a seamless end-to-end solution with fewer logistic service providers. By removing complexity and room for error and late delivery, we provide just-in-time delivery and “peace of mind” for every job.

Thank you to the Radius equipment delivery team, who while undertaking the delivery of the 5 tonne transformers and HV switchgear at Whitechapel, demonstrated a number of the crossrail values. Firstly, was safety, the team successfully carried out each lift and manoeuvre with the proper planning. Nothing was left to chance.

Wilson McLaughlinDirector | MIET – Crossrail

Crane Specifications

MDT 219 J1010te25m → 65mDownload Spec
MDT 269 J1212te
25m → 65mDownload Spec
MDT 319 L1212te
25m → 70mDownload Spec
MDT 389 L1616te30m → 75mDownload Spec
MDT 489 M25 25te30m → 80mDownload Spec
MDT 569 M2525te30m → 80mDownload Spec
MDT 569 M2525te30m → 80mDownload Spec
MDT 809 M4040te30m → 80mDownload Spec
MDT 809 M4040te30m → 80mDownload Spec
MRH 1258te30m → 50mDownload Spec
MR 160 C10te30m → 50mDownload Spec
MRH 17510te30m → 55mDownload Spec
MR 225 A14te30m → 55mDownload Spec
MR22914te30m → 55mDownload Spec
MR 29516te30m → 60mDownload Spec
MR 29520te30m → 60mDownload Spec
MR 41824te30m → 60mDownload Spec
MR418A24te30m → 60mDownload Spec
MR309 M2525te30m → 60mDownload Spec
MR 60832te30m → 65mDownload Spec
MD 509 M2020te35m → 80mDownload Spec
MD 569 M2525te35m → 80mDownload Spec
MD 689 M4025te35m → 80mDownload Spec
MD 110050te40m → 80mDownload Spec
MD 220064te40m → 80mDownload Spec
MD 3200 80te50m → 85mDownload Spec
Potain Tower Crane Range 2021Download Spec
MDT CCS Range BrochureDownload Spec
MDT CCS City Range BrochureDownload Spec
Potain Cab-INDownload Spec
Potain TCL Cab HoistDownload Spec
Lift SolutionsDownload Spec

We’re here to make a difference

Radius Group are a dedicated team of experienced site specialists backed by an industry-leading technical department. We offer a comprehensive ‘turnkey’ service, from initial consultation to project completion.

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