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The Skyline Cockpit transforms the traditional tower crane operator’s cabin into a “smart” ground controlled computerized cockpit, using innovative technology and advanced camera systems. Using the system’s input, the operator can precisely identify where the crane’s hook will land, as well as receive indications regarding crane height, load weight, wind speed and direction, work speed and more.

Since partnering with Skyline Cockpit last year, we have been waiting for the right time to announce the exciting news that we are the first lifting contractor in the UK to have a working Skyline Cockpit. We launched the system by co-hosting a series of Demo Days with the Skyline Cockpit Team, consisting of; presentations, live demonstrations, Q&A with the founders & developers, and of course, a buffet lunch to wrap things up!  We held the Demo Days at our HQ in Northampton, which provided a great opportunity to show the guests around our premises, warehouse, fleet, and talk about all the services we offer in addition to tower crane hire.

We were extremely pleased with the turnout and calibre of attendees, bringing construction industry influencers together, to see firsthand how the Skyline Cockpit will be the future of tower crane operation and improve safety, wellbeing & efficiency, in addition to making substantial savings across all projects where installed.

The advantages of having a Skyline Cockpit on-site are many, but the three key benefits are:

Safety: Reduced accidents and incidents as the operators won’t be climbing up and down. There will be a reduction in insurance premiums as there is less risk, due to the crane operator being on the ground and also no need for a rescue team or rescue procedures. The daily crane checks can be undertaken by the many robust military grade cameras fitted to the crane and not by the operator.

Wellbeing: The working and sitting position of the operator is greatly improved, no more leaning forward and looking down for 8-10 hours a day.  Inclusion and diversity – older, infirmed, and disabled operators are now able to consider an operator role or return to work after an accident. The welfare of the operator will be enhanced allowing toilet breaks and lunch breaks to be taken more easily and frequently.

Efficiency: The ground control system will save over one hour a day (excluding climbing time) due to time saved during operation, and will also reduce time switching between cranes on multi-crane sites by 30-40 minutes. Data captured will assist future programming to measure construction site productivity and labour more accurately.

We had a great response from all of the attendees, but don’t take our word for it, hear from Katie, Shayne and Jako.

Katie Kelleher, Technical & Development Officer (CPA) “Like most people I already turned up with ideas of how it would be and not many positive ones. I was concerned it wouldn’t feel real, that the consequences of operating something so big and not being near it wouldn’t feel real and tangible. I am glad to say I was wrong, after speaking to the operator Dale (who is a competent tower crane op) and having a go myself…… it’s brilliant!!! It feels tangible, the viewpoints work really well and I surprisingly adapted to it really quickly.”

Shayne Stirling, Lifting Operations Manager (McLaren Group) “Thanks for the Demo on Tuesday, great team with a great product for the future.  Well done Radius Group.”

Jako Van der Walt, Lead Design Engineer (Sir Robert McAlpine) “Please pass on my thanks to those who organised the event- it was really good to see the product in action and to have the developers available to talk to. I arrived a little sceptical and left thoroughly impressed!”

For more info on the Skyline Cockpit click here

If you want to register your interest for a Demo Day, please contact direct.