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Tower Crane Up-Time

How much, does buying “cheap” actually cost you ?

With our hire we aim to focus on the “Up-Time” of the crane to increase and maximise your daily, weekly, monthly utilisation / production time (whilst remaining commercially competitive). We do this with SLA’s (Service Level Agreements).

How much is a crane costing when it is broken down ? not only to your production but the “knock on” effects to the sub-contractors and other trades and of course, your programme ?

This means that we are not putting a tower crane on site and hiding behind the fact that we have delivered it and an “on you go” attitude – We have a very real interest in maximising the up time on the crane

Please see the examples below.

“Up-Time” and SLA’s

We do and can offer SLA’s for projects.

With tower cranes we look at “Up-Time” and for example we have a MSL (Minimum Service Level) of a percentage of working / up-time of the crane. Say, 98% and then we would have a TSL (Target Service Level) of 99%

This means that if we fall below the 98% up-time we would issue back you a “Service Credit” of an agreed amount. Should we maintain our agreed MSL and hit / exceed our agreed TSL we would expect the quoted and agreed rates / prices to be paid on time.

We understand that the industry standard up-time is circa 97% (being generous). So, what would this mean for a Telford Homes project ?

If the cranes work 50 weeks per year on a basic 50 hours per week, this equates to 2,500 hours in a 50-week period. A 1% drop on 2,500 hours is 25 hours ! ÷ 10-hour days = 2.5 days lost per crane !


But…….. bear in mind that the crane is down to 97% already. So potentially you could have already lost 2% so with the additional 1% as mentioned = 3% which equates to 7.5 days per crane in a 50-week period ! and the “knock on” effects to the sub-contractors and their claims could potentially enormous. No one ever seems to capture the “actual effects” of down time of a tower crane and its effects on the project as a whole.

The Crew

With Radius you need not capture the down time as we are committing to “Up-Time”

Radius, here to add value to your project

So, if you have a number of cranes on a project this would cause innumerable days where the cranes would not be working and the knock-on effects of LAD’s and the claims from the sub-contractors and cause a lugubrious situation. This could be mitigated / protected by implementing our SLA.

The onus would fall on us (Radius) to ensure that we meet the Up times that we state and in doing so the lost days would be mitigated. We would do this with our service and planned maintenance schedules etc (access to the cranes would be required) and again these in turn could have an SLA attached to them.

This is an idea of what we can and do offer on our abilities, processes and our equipment’s performance, we are confident in what we do and the capabilities of our equipment and our Team.

We have a fleet of new and modern Potain cranes (which is a premium brand) and are the rental partner in the UK for Potain. We have the full support of their technical department and full access to all of their engineers and expertise, the automated World part centre is based near Lyon and they can have most stocked parts into the UK next day if ordered before the afternoon cut off. Potain also have an office and facility in the UK, again where we have their full support and access to their engineers and parts as well.

There are many ways that we can put a project specific SLA together for you and many, many ways that we can support you on projects.

We offer a “Complete” package where we can supply not only the tower crane operators, but all of the other lifting labour such as AP’s, Lifting supervisors, slinger / signallers, traffic banksmen. We supply generators and can have several levels that we can supply to such as, having remote diagnosis of the sets we can supply the fuel for the sets as we as we can monitor the fuel levels remotely. Again, many ways that we can add value to you and your projects