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Aaron Dunne Spotlight

We asked Transport/ Warehouse Manager & London Underground Surveyor, Aaron Dunne to tell us all about his job at Radius and also took a peek into his personal life.

Aaron told us; “I’m motivated by being around like-minded people and doing a job that I have genuine interest and passion in, I love trains, I love cars, I love helping people – win win.”

What career path did you take to get to where you are now?
I started as a 2nd man working on the London Underground in 2003 and worked my way from there.  I moved to an office-based role as a scheduler in 2013. 

What does your daily routine look like?
My day is different every day. My main responsibility is to look after our vehicle fleet, which includes twenty-four vans, lorry loaders, box vans, drop side flatbeds, panel vans and HGV vehicles. I also have the pleasure of spending a lot of time in the dingy depths of the London Underground, which is like a 2nd home for me.  

What is your biggest accomplishment since working at Radius?
Probably passing my Transport Managers CPC whilst also Project Managing a major cabinet delivery roll out and a 2nd 20 site rollout at the same time. Completing a 292 site cabinet roll out with Zero at fault cancelations, injuries or concerns.

How have you grown professionally whilst working at Radius?
I have learnt a lot more about cranes! Radius has given me the confidence and empowerment to make my own decisions and also to see that affects our customers. The senior management teams words of wisdom and advice over the years has been influential in building my confidence up to run large multi-site projects. 

What are the favorite parts of your job?
The satisfaction when a job is complete, standing back and thinking “This is what I am capable of”. Also, the good feeling and sense of achievement between me, the customer, and our onsite teams, when everything has gone to plan!  

What is the biggest challenge you’ve experienced working for us?
Ooh I’ve had lots! I had a cabinet delivery into Marylebone station which had no fixed stairs to get down to the platforms, as the escalators were being replaced.  We managed to supply a LOLER beam test using the old escalator and then also some disused track from another station. It was a very complex lift, involving lots of stakeholders, but in the end, it ran like clockwork!   

What’s something most people don’t know about you?
Most people at work probably don’t know that I am a coach at a Childrens Darts Academy.  I am also the manager of Buckinghamshire Youth County Darts Team.  As you can tell, darts is a big part of my personal life. 

Perfect dinner party guests – you can have four (dead or alive)! 
Eric Bristow, Andy Fordham, Martin Adams and the ‘Mrs’ (you have to take the better half don’t you!)  

What’s something you’re proud of? 
My family all the kids turned out pretty good 

What’s one thing you’re really good at? 
Making people laugh and smile 

If you could have a career in anything, what would it be? 
A train driver, it’s my dream job. 

How would your friends describe you? 
Quiet until drunk! 

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