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DSM Demolition Leicester.

Radius Group reached a project milestone recently, celebrating the completion of the de-build at Goscote House, Leicester.  Goscote House – built in circa 1972/73 – was deemed unsuitable for residents following a detailed specialist survey, resulting in Leicester City Council being concerned about its “long-term structural integrity”.  

DSM liaised with several competitors, who all advised that they couldn’t supply a crane with the necessary capacities on a base to fit within the site constraints.  Radius Group was able to engineer and offer a solution to fit and work with the challenging site restrictions. We were then instructed by DSM to work with them on the de-build and in September 2021 we erected a #potain MDT389, with a 68.6m tower and 35m jib.  

Goscote House was the tallest building in Leicester, standing at 68m high, rising to 22 storeys, comprising 130 apartments. The building had to be dismantled piece by piece, floor by floor due to its proximity to neighbouring buildings and the need to minimise disruption to people living and working nearby. 

Considering all the above factors, the de-build was considered one of the top 10 high-risk projects in the UK.  We pride ourselves in providing cutting-edge lifting solutions to difficult and complex challenges. 

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