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Radius uses one-off tilting frame to install BP Pulse Hyperchargers

BP Pulse are rolling out the installation of Alpitronic Hypercharger™ Units (HYC-300 and HYC-150) nationally across the UK & Worldwide.  In some of the indoor or underground car parks, the headroom is very limited which presents significant challenges to enable their installation.

The Hyperchargers require a horizontal delivery, travelling up/down slopes, with limited headroom before being rotated 90° to the vertical for final installation, which is all to be achieved without being lifted from above using conventional methods.

A collaboration between Radius group, BP Pulse and Comtec Srl, resulted in the design, manufacture and testing of a bespoke Tilting Frame, for this unique installation process.  The one-off Tilting Frame designed for our client envelops the HYC-300 and HYC-150 Hypercharer Units to provide a safe and secure method of handling each unit.

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