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Radius Group Limited have again added to our ever-growing selection of specialist lifting and plant-handling equipment by purchasing a Hydra-Slide™ LP350 Low Profile Skidding System.

Engineered for function and convenience, our new Hydra-Slide™ LP350 Low Profile skidding system is completely hand-portable. The system will push up to 350 tons with ease – no come-alongs, winch lines, or holdbacks required.

The system is ideal for situations where overhead space or clearance is limited, and provides a safe, cost-effective method to move various types of heavy loads. Due to the modular nature of the system, it requires minimal personnel and equipment for mobilisation. And with a profile height of just 38mm, the Hydra-Slide™ is ideal for working in confined spaces with limited headroom.

For example, our Hydra-Slide™ made short work of a redundant transformer on a recent project for Balfour Beatty.

Should you find yourself needing an item of heavy plant removed, repositioned or relocated; with our new Hydra-Slide™ we can make the process easier, safer, and more efficient.

Download a copy of the specification for our new skidding system here!