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Sometimes a helicopter is the only solution.  This difficult lift was located at a restricted site; a roof area at a length of 180 metres long, across 5 different levels.  After discussing possible options, it soon became apparent that a helicopter was the feasible and efficient way to execute the lift. Working closely with our client BAM, we undertook a highly successful lifting operation with the skilled team at Helirig – who provided both the helicopter and pilot.


Radius’ role was to ensure the lifting of the plant under slung by helicopter was carried out safely and on time, with the maximum of care and minimum of disruption. Safety was, and always is, paramount to Radius; it informs everything we do and every decision we take. To make sure the project was delivered within budget, it was agreed that all 22 items to be lifted would be packaged together, keeping the total number of lifts below ten.

Maximising the loads to be lifted and creating a schedule around them were both key. The plant was delivered to an off-site facility to enable different items of plant to be repackaged together. Each load was then weighed to confirm the maximum weight did not exceed 2500kg. With the final sling positions secured, all the prepared loads were lifted onto transport to be delivered to site.

Given the location of this particular project, a certain amount of disruption was inevitable, but the busy thoroughfare was closed at 9pm the night before the operation, to allow for the load out of the plant onto the road, ready for lifting. Early the following morning, the helicopter was at work for just 45 minutes; half an hour later, the road was reopened. The whole project was a great success for all concerned and has served to further reinforce Radius’s position as a key specialist lifting operations supplier.

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Radius group limited were great. We employed them to manage the actual lifts themselves and carry out the slinging. The way they approached it and the way they carried it out on the day was absolutely superb.

David PackhamProject Manager | BAM Construction Ltd

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