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Stockwell London


Hydra-slide™ 350te Hydraulic Skidding System


Stockwell, South West London


Coupling Transformer Removal


As part of ongoing works with Balfour Beatty and London Underground, Radius Group provided a unique solution for the removal of a redundant transformer. Using our industry-leading experience and in-house specialist equipment, the transformer was safely mechanically dismantled and transported to a designated waste recycling facility. Radius handled every aspect of the project along the way, from the initial feasibility study to job completion.

The Challenge

Using our Hydra-Slide™ Skidding System, we transferred a redundant  transformer weighing in at over 40 tonnes from its existing tight confines within Stockwell Substation, skidding the load over 80m to the only available mobile crane lift position in the nearby St Michael’s Street.

Capable of pushing up-to 350te and with a  working height of less than 38mm, our Hydra-Slide™ was an ideal solution for the limited height clearance  on this project. Due to the aging design of the substation, a brick archway entrance, with an occupied residency above, rendered more conventional methods of moving such a heavy load impossible.

Radius also provided a full Contract Lift to load the repositioned transformer onto our waiting transport. A Chapter 8-compliant Traffic Management scheme and full road closure managed by Radius ensured a safe and successful operation throughout.

Another great milestone achieved yesterday. The collaborative and professional approach shown by radius really shone through. A massive thanks to radius for a very well planned job.

Simon JaysSenior Project Manager | Balfour Beatty

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