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Nothing to do with Covid! In February 2017 we assembled on-site and installed the roof structure on the research & development building of Project Astrazeneca. The Astrazeneca research and development was part of the biomedical campus based in Cambridge and the new vibrant centre was designed to inspire teams and partners to push the boundaries of scientific innovation and make life-changing discoveries. This scheme completed in 2020, with overall costs of approx £500m.

Radius was first approached by Permisteelisa to look at the supply of mobile cranes, which were to replace the tower cranes once they had been removed from site and complete the infill of the roof blocks. However, during the pre-start site meeting, it became apparent that we could complete the installation of the roof, which resulted in a collaboration between Radius and Permisteelisa to derive an installation plan / project timeline together.

Challenge & Solution

To fully understand the intricacies of the project, Radius attended a trial build in Belgium to ensure sure the installation of the roof was done safely and to pre-empt any issues which may arise during the works.

In total 383 roof trusses were lifted during the entire project, equalling 8 blocks a week, including torquing and associated works. The roof blocks were installed on a temporary scaffolding truss, once bolted and torqued together they were signed off by the client and the scaffolding truss was dismantled to allow a free-floating roof. The longest length of which was 40m between the concrete peers. Logistics were key to the works as the roof trusses were all shipped from Belgium with an escort vehicle, and the site had delivery restrictions to site for certain hours.

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Just wanted reiterate our thanks to you and your team for their brilliant work on site delivering the project on time, look forward to working with you in the future.

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