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Bank Station London


Mobile Cranes; PowerAttack


Bank Station London


Transformer Installation


As part of the Central Line substation upgrade, Radius Group had to lower a 4.5te transformer down into Bank Station, with very confined and tight conditions, and no room for error.

Challenge & Solution

By building a temporary ramp on the stairs leading down into Bank Station, we used a mobile crane to lower the transformer onto the ramp. The winch took the strain & the mobile crane was released from the transformer. The winch then lowered the transformer into the station and using our own Powerattack, we transported the transformer through the station ready for installation.

The video below shows how highly skilled the Radius Group are when it comes to complex lifting. We were faced with an extremely challenging installation, but by using full 3D planning of the lift, our in-house team developed a solution to carry out this very difficult and restricted manoeuvre. Working through the night, our experienced crew completed the task on schedule and exceeded the client’s expectations.

To watch video click here

Just wanted reiterate our thanks to you and your team for their brilliant work on site delivering the project on time, look forward to working with you in the future.

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