Projects – Three Tower Cranes for Commercial Centre Regeneration

St Pancras, London


Potain MR418


St Pancras, London


Construction & Demolition Works


We are proud to once again be working with BAM who will transform an underutilised industrial estate sitting on a 1.2 acre self-contained ‘island’ block near St Pancras Hospital, with a main office building and two separate blocks of flats. The scheme has been designed by architects Caruso St John.


Three heavy-duty luffing jib tower cranes (MR418) are being used on this site due to the weight of the pre-cast construction and modular units, which have all been assembled off-site, weighing approx. 12-13te.  The use of heavier cranes will speed up the process considerably.  Our technical engineers have devised the overall design & strategy of this scheme to minimise disruption to the local area and reduce the need for road closures and traffic management systems.

We erected TC1 with a 450te mobile crane in Pratt Street, requiring a full road closure and traffic management system, which took 4-5 days.  Diversion routes for traffic, pedestrians, safeguarding measures & physical segregation were all managed by Radius Group.

In order to save the customer money and time, and to minimise disruption around the site, we used TC1 to erect TC2.  This kept the site cleaner and made the erection process more straightforward for the customer. Upon completion of the building core, TC2 removed TC1 and erected it on top of the concrete (slip form) core, creating TC3, which will further enabled the construction of the project.

Due to the constraints regarding the surface area on top of the concrete core, we had to work closely with the manufacturer to develop a bespoke technical solution, enabling facilitating the crane on the concrete core via a welded fixing angle (anchor) & grillage system.

TC3 will be used to remove TC2.  And finally, TC3 will be taken down eventually, with a mobile crane and road closure.

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Just wanted reiterate our thanks to you and your team for their brilliant work on site delivering the project on time, look forward to working with you in the future.

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