Projects – Transportation & Positioning of Two Auto Transformers

East Langton, Leicestershire


24te Capacity Magni HTH 24.11 Telehandler 


East Langton ATS


Installation of Auto Transformers


We’re thrilled to share the recent accomplishment of our Radius Group Contract Lift & Plant Installation Team, in successfully unloading, transporting, and positioning two Auto Transformers for the East Langton ATS project.

When faced with the task of conducting works adjacent to a live railway track, Radius needed to make a strategic decision regarding equipment selection. The choice between a telehandler and a crane was pivotal, considering both safety and cost implications. Opting for a telehandler over a crane was a prudent decision, primarily to circumvent costly possession and adjacent line open rules. By utilizing the telehandler, Radius could sidestep the collapse radius associated with crane operations, thus safeguarding the integrity of the live railway.

Moreover, this choice facilitated the completion of works during weekday traffic hours, despite poor weather conditions. Had a crane been employed, adverse weather might have necessitated an expensive cancellation, leading to project delays and financial implications.

This task was made even more challenging by the difficult weather conditions, including rain, sleet, freezing temperatures, and strong wind. However, the team’s expertise shone through as they utilized a 24te capacity Magni HTH 24.11 Telehandler to complete the operation flawlessly.

Each transformer weighed a staggering 16.8te with dimensions of L2.725m x W2.540m x W3.660m, highlighting the complexity of the task and the precision required to accomplish it. The team’s commitment to safety and efficiency was also evident with the deployment of a skilled lifting team comprising an Appointed Person, Lift Supervisors, Slingers, and Signallers.


It’s crucial to prioritise safety, especially when working near active railway lines like the Midland Mainline. The measures taken by Radius Group’s lifting team and other involved teams demonstrate a commendable commitment to ensuring the well-being of all involved. Adhering to strict safety protocols not only minimizes risks to the workers but also helps prevent potential disruptions to train services and ensures the safety of passengers and railway staff. Such diligence underscores the professionalism and responsibility of everybody involved yesterday.

We are proud to showcase our innovative problem-solving skills and adaptability to site constraints and timeframes, demonstrated by our decision to employ a gantry lift system for delivering a substation earlier in the project.

The East Langton ATS (Auxiliary Transformer Station) plays a crucial role in the Midland Mainline Electrification project, with a series of civil engineering and enabling works, including modifications and upgrades to access points and roads. Our team is proud to be a part of this significant project and looks forward to delivering more successful projects in the future.

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Just wanted reiterate our thanks to you and your team for their brilliant work on site delivering the project on time, look forward to working with you in the future.

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