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What is the difference between contract lift and crane hire?

Crane Hire: When opting for standard crane hire, you’re essentially renting the crane itself with a crane operator. This setup places the responsibility for the crane’s operation and safety squarely on the customer’s shoulders while it’s on their site.

Contract Lift: In contrast, contract lift hire from Radius Group involves not just renting the crane and operator, but also securing the services of an Appointed Person to plan and manage your lifting operations, as well as a fully qualified lifting team to undertake your lifting operations to completion. With this arrangement, we take on the responsibility for all aspects of the lift, leaving the customer free of that burden. The Appointed Person utilises their expertise to develop detailed lift plans and offers guidance on rigging the pedestrian or mobile crane, ensuring safe and efficient operations. Meanwhile, the Crane Operator is tasked with executing the lift safely and effectively.

So, what does the Appointed Person do?

Included in contract lift hire services is the role of an Appointed Person, who takes on responsibility for various critical tasks. Primarily, their role revolves around ensuring the safe execution of lifting operations. This entails conducting comprehensive site surveys and overseeing the entire lifting process. An Appointed Person will possess full qualifications and extensive knowledge of lifting operations and safety protocols. The Appointed Person delivers instructions to personnel, directs lifting operations, and selects appropriate cranes and equipment for the task. Additionally, they may supervise operations, ensuring adherence to safety guidelines and the execution of work with utmost caution.

Radius offers full contract lift hire – what are the advantages?

Here’s why full contract lift hire is often considered advantageous compared to simple crane hire:

  • Responsibility: In full contract lift, the crane company takes full responsibility for planning, executing, and providing all necessary equipment, personnel, and insurance, relieving the client of burdens and liabilities.
  • Expertise: Full contract lift providers have highly skilled personnel with extensive experience in safely and efficiently planning and executing lifting operations.
  • Risk Management: The crane company, assuming responsibility, effectively mitigates risks through thorough planning, proper equipment selection, and adherence to safety protocols.
  • Comprehensive Service: Full contract lift includes additional services like site surveys, risk assessments, and transportation of equipment, streamlining the process for clients.
  • Legal Compliance: Contract lift providers ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards, providing confidence to clients.
  • Cost Certainty: Full contract lift often offers greater cost certainty by including all aspects of the lifting operation, helping clients avoid unexpected expenses., equipment damage, or project delays.

Overall, while crane hire offers flexibility and control, full contract lift hire provides a higher level of safety, service, expertise, and risk management, making it a preferred option for many complex lifting operations.

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