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Enhancing Operational Efficiency with Radius Group’s Comprehensive Lift and Shift Services

Radius Group’s lift and shift services simplify the relocation and setup of your business assets, offering a smooth solution to logistical challenges. At the heart of our approach is a commitment to making complex operations straightforward and secure, even in the tightest spaces or when handling the most delicate of tasks. Based in Northampton, our team is strategically located to serve clients nationwide.

Our diverse range of equipment includes:-

  • electric and manual hoists
  • forklifts
  • hydraulic jacks and skates
  • lifting clamps
  • scaffold hoists
  • material lifts
  • telehandlers
  • chain hoists
  • mini crawler cranes
  • stair climbing equipment
  • lorry-mounted cranes
  • gantry hoisting systems
  • ladder hoists
  • machine skate systems

The combination of tech and know-how means that Radius Group is prepared to handle the specific needs of each project, ready to tackle any obstacle with solutions that prioritise safety, efficiency, and reliability. Check out these case studies to see how Radius Group’s lift and shift services have made a difference in various situations:

Case Study 1: We were tasked by English Heritage with installing 5 sculptures at Warkworth Castle, requiring two visits to manage the delicate placement of the artwork. To address this, we utilized a range of specialized equipment including tracked carriers, porta-gantry A-frames, pallet trucks, a lorry loader from our fleet, manual chain hoists, and assorted lifting accessories. The ancient monument status of the site ruled out the use of a mobile crane, prompting us to seek alternative methods for moving and installing the sculptures with minimal impact on the site. The operation’s second phase involved a complex manoeuvre using a lorry-mounted crane to transport the sculptures. Through meticulous planning and careful execution, we successfully installed the sculptures, demonstrating our proficiency in handling logistical hurdles in historic location

Case Study 2: In the Northern Line power upgrade project in central London, Radius oversaw the delivery and setup of two 30te 16 MVA, 22/11kV transformers. This involved meticulous AutoCAD planning and a comprehensive delivery strategy to meet LOLER1998 and BS7121 standards. The project tackled site constraints by initially deploying a 200te mobile crane to place one transformer on a temporary foundation, in coordination with traffic management and local authorities for necessary road closures. The positioning utilized a 120te Plant Roller and an 80te Hydraulic Gantry Lift System, with forklifts assisting in assembly and testing. The second transformer’s installation required a 350te Hydra Slide Skidding system. Radius managed the assembly and later moved the first transformer to its final location, using specialized equipment for both phases.

Case Study 3: Radius successfully managed the removal of a redundant transformer from Stockwell Station, from the initial study to completion, by safely dismantling and transporting it to a recycling facility. Utilizing our expertise and specialized equipment, including forklifts for lifting, stair climbers for moving office equipment, and gantry hoists for large items, we facilitated a seamless transition. For the specific challenge of moving a 40-tonne transformer from Stockwell Substation to a crane lift area, we employed the Hydra-Slide™ Skidding System. This method was chosen due to the tight spaces, low clearance, and the need to navigate through a brick archway with residences above, effectively overcoming these obstacles with its 350te capacity and low working height. Radius coordinated the entire operation, including lifting the transformer onto transport and managing a Chapter 8-compliant traffic plan with road closures to ensure safety throughout the process.

Radius Group’s lift and shift services are not just about moving items from point A to point B; they’re about providing a tailored, efficient, and safe solution for each unique challenge our clients face. These case studies are just a glimpse of what we can achieve, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and innovation in every task. If you want to discuss any of the projects featured, or want more information on our lift & shift services please call us on 01604 622 865.