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Four Tower Cranes Soar Over London Project Site

Radius Group is excited to announce its significant contribution to the construction of the new Oriel Moorfields Eye Hospital in North London – a pioneering healthcare facility dedicated to eye care, research, and education. – by supplying four tower cranes. The £300 million project, led by Bouygues UK, marks a milestone in healthcare infrastructure development.

At the heart of the project are four Potain tower cranes supplied by Radius Group – x2 MR295 H20, MR225 H14, and MR418 H24 – strategically erected to optimise the construction process of the 10-story, 47,000 square meter facility. This “4 Tower Crane Scheme” was designed to enhance efficiency and safety, ensuring a seamless operation within the heart of the City. The strategic placement of the cranes not only ensures the smooth transportation of materials across the site but also significantly boosts the project’s construction capabilities.

We worked closely with the client to establish their preferences for crane placement, approximate jib length, and height specifications. Based on this input, we then develop the crane arrangement scheme collaboratively. TC4 presented logistical challenges, requiring meticulous planning. Its placement at the rear of the building – away from the road – limited access for dismantle operations, adding to the complexity. To overcome this hurdle, we leveraged TC3 for both the erection and dismantling phases of TC4.

Tower Cranes at Oriel Moorfields
Tower Cranes at Oriel Moorfields

Being entrusted with the construction of the new eye hospital at Oriel Moorfields is a tremendous honour for Radius Group. We are pleased to be a part of such a prestigious project, one that will undoubtedly make a big impact on the community. With our team’s expertise and dedication, coupled with the presence of four tower cranes on-site, we are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of this project. Teddy Holt, Operations Director, Radius Group

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