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In a collaborative effort to showcase the diverse opportunities within the lifting industry, a team of professionals – Rachael Swanston and Dan Roberts from Radius Group, Dougi Kilpatrick and Caroline Richardson from Countryside/Vistry, and Dave Rees from Emerson Crane Hire – recently presented at the Jo Richardson School, Dagenham. Their collective mission: to enlighten and motivate students about the various career paths available in the lifting industry. The presentation was part of an initiative between the Construction Youth Trust and Vistry/Countryside. 

The session began with each participant taking turns to present and share their personal career journeys, offering students a glimpse into the diverse pathways that led them to their current roles. Rachael (Marketing Manager) and Dan (National Sales Manager), both with backgrounds in construction, highlighted the diverse range of roles available within the lifting sector. From engineering and design to project management and operations, our duo showcased how the industry caters to individuals with various skill sets and interests.

Throughout the presentations, students were encouraged to ask questions and engage in discussions, fostering an interactive, informative, and relaxed atmosphere. The participants fielded inquiries ranging from educational pathways and career prospects to the day-to-day challenges and rewards of working in the lifting industry, providing students with valuable guidance and mentorship.

Wendy Heller, Senior Construction Skills Manager at Construction Youth Trust, expressed her gratitude for the impactful session, highlighting the positive impression it left on the Year 10 and 11 students at Jo Richardson School.

Caroline Richardson, Social Value Manager at Vistry East London/Countryside, echoed the sentiment of appreciation, acknowledging the insightfulness of the presentations and the relatability of the speakers to the young audience. Her remarks underscore the importance of such initiatives in inspiring and informing students about career opportunities in dynamic fields like lifting.

So, to round things up; Rachael, Dan, Dougi, Caroline and Dave’s visit to the Jo Richardson School proved to be both informative and inspiring. By sharing their experiences, expertise, and passion for lifting, they not only shed light on the many opportunities available in the industry, but also encouraged students to consider a future in this dynamic and essential field.