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Jacking and Skating

With a diverse range of equipment including cranes, forklifts, and hydraulic jacks, Radius can effectively handle various types of projects, regardless of the size or weight of the machinery involved. This flexibility allows us to cater to a wide range of client needs, ensuring efficient and safe handling throughout the process.

Complex, technical and heavy machinery lifting requires meticulous planning to ensure all aspects of the machinery move are considered. This includes strict health and safety regulations and selecting the most appropriate lift and shift equipment to do the job safely and efficiently, with as little disruption as possible.

Jacking and Skating

Our hire services are ideal for moves in dangerous or hazardous environments including industrial warehouses, factories, and construction sites. We use high-quality jacking and skating equipment to move heavy machinery in small spaces and work flexibly within tight spaces while keeping health and safety our priority. Our specialised skating systems enable us to move heavy loads horizontally with minimal friction. By employing advanced skating systems, Radius can relocate structures or machinery with ease and accuracy.

Our hydraulic gantry services mainly move and install heavy machinery and equipment in tight spaces where cranes don’t fit. Our hydraulic gantry lift systems are mobile and versatile, making them suitable for lifting machinery and equipment in many environments. We can also move and install heavy loads using accompanying rail systems with our hydraulic gantries.

A recent addition to Radius Group’s capabilities is the Hydra-Slide™ LP350 low profile skidding system. This piece of equipment is a versatile and powerful tool for handling heavy lifting tasks, especially in situations where space is limited. Its hand-portable nature and high weight capacity makes it a valuable asset for various projects, and its effectiveness in confined spaces is particularly noteworthy.

By investing in specialist equipment tailored to the needs of jacking and skating operations, we can enhance our capabilities, improve project outcomes, and ultimately deliver greater value to our clients. Additionally, staying abreast of technological advancements in the field and regularly updating our equipment arsenal ensures that Radius remains competitive in the marketplace.

Jacking and Skating

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Our Services

We would like to thank you all for your efforts and work at Marine Wharf. The preparation works for dismantle was well planned from the office team and it was good to see the same site team again who initially erected the crane at site.

Berkeley Homes Ltd.Jonathan Convery, Site Manager

Radius were great. We employed them to manage the actual lifts themselves and carry out the slinging. The way they approached it and the way they carried it out on the day was absolutely superb.

BAM ConstructionDavid Packham, Project Manager

Thank you to the Radius equipment delivery team, who while undertaking the delivey of the 5te transformers and HV switchgear at Whitechapel, demonstrated a number of Crossrail values. Firstly was safety; the team successfully carried out each lift and manoeuvre with the proper planning. Nothing was left to chance.

CrossrailWilson McLaughlin, MIET

Just wanted to say thank you very much for all of your help with the planning for and then the delivery of the Craning at the job. The process was broadly very smooth from start to finish, the biggest challenge is always the paperwork on these jobs and the associated crew information, it was a great success to get the lift plan signed off immediately so a huge thanks to your lift planner for the initial site visit and provision of a detailed and agreeable lift plan.

StructuresNick Wright, Project Manager

Radius is our 'go-to' contractor in terms of tower crane supply. They are excellent in terms of tower crane pre-erection support, design matters & traffic management; plus any post-erection issues are always dealt with in a sensible and collaborative manner.

John F HuntGlen Clark, Managing Director

Many thanks for the assistance today, everything has gone to plan and the lads were very professional and gave our client the confidence that was required. Very much appreciated.

Amazon M&E Supply Chain

Doreen was great at pulling together all of the induction paperwork required for the crew and confirming schedules and any other details required plus helping with flexibility on dates and off hires.

StructuresNick Wright, Project Manager

Well done, we look forward to working with you guys again, and for making our job so much easier,

Network RailJohn F Murfin, Construction Manager

Without your efforts and diligence, it's unlikely that the lifting operations would have gone ahead.

BP InternationalAlan Robson, Assurance Manager

Radius have been great to work with all through the project, from the ground up to the operators on the controls in the clouds.

Bouygues UKBill Marles, Senior Appointed Person Lifting

Your team were polite, approachable, hardworking, and above all very competent in the work that they were on site to accomplish. Your Contracts Manager and the team yesterday were not only a credit to Radius, but the lifting industry in general.

BAM ConstructionDave Meakin, Regional Appointed Person

We would like to thank you and your team for your expertise and professionalism in our complex endeavours and operations of last week, carried out most successfully and ahead of programme. We shall not hesitate to recommend your esteemed company on any and all similar future endeavours.

Taylor Wimpey

Thanks for the Radius team support today, the service was fantastic (as I knew it would be) and your assistance in solutions and helping to get the box out into the yard was much appreciated.

The QubeJohn Spittle, Associate Dirctor

Just a quick note to say thank you for the work completed over the weekend, relieved to say the least - it was actually quite fun seeing your team pull it off so well.

CBREAodhan McMahon, Project Manager